Tips For Being A Responsible Dog Owner During The Month of September

September is Responsible Dog Ownership month and we would like to offer some tips to help you make September super awesome for you and your dog. ┬áIt’s no secret that our dogs love attention and enjoy being around people. When you love your dog, life becomes pretty simple, in regards to owning a dog.

woman walking dog on leash sitting down


Immunize Your Dog

Make sure your dogs immunizations are current and he has been prescribed the necessary medicines to protect him. Heart worm preventative medicine, as well as some arthritis medicines can make your dog’s life a much more comfortable one.

Nail Care For Your Dog

Make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed on a regular basis. After all, who likes walking around on nails that are too clicky and too long? You can take care of trimming them yourself. If you are not, make an appointment with a groomer or your veterinarian. Your dog will be grateful and you will be a responsible dog owner.

Exercise Your Dog

Take your dog for walks. It’s not only good for him, but it’s also good for you. Once you get your dog into a daily walking routine, he will expect that walk and look forward to it on a daily basis.

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When you take the time to immunize your dog and take care of their nails, your dog will have some of the basic necessities taken care of. Feed him, exercise him and love him- that’s what a responsible dog owner does.



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