Tips For Enjoying Autumn With Your Dog

Fall is just around the corner as the calendar keeps moving forward.¬†Autumn is approaching and if you are like many of us, you and your dog have taken shorter walks due to the heat. Florida is typically much more enjoyable when Fall rolls around. We’ve put together a few tips for you and your dog to make note of.

Fall brings back to school season. Did you know that many school supplies can be toxic to your dog? It’s important to remind your kiddos to not leave glue sticks and even those colored markers laying around. Not only can your dog get sick, but you can also have one heck of a mess in your house!

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Fall often brings a time for car care. Do not leave those coolants and oil sitting around where you dog can take a sip. Make sure you take note of any local ordinances that are in effect, when it comes to disposing of any care coolants or oil that you may have.

Fall is a time of year when we often think of mice turning to the indoors, as they don’t like the cooler weather. The mice tend to move indoors in all parts of the country. Make sure any mouse poison or the like is out of your dog’s reach. It’s never any fun to spend a holiday or family gathering at your veterinarian’s office because your dog decided to sample the poison you left out for the mice.

Take some time to look around and make sure your dog does not have any tempting items around your house. With a change of season it’s always good to take inventory of what you have for your dog. Maybe a new toy is in order? Why not invest in something new and fun to tear around outdoors with. And if you have leaves to jump in, why not let your dog join in the fun?

Make time to embrace a new season and enjoy your dog! Our dogs are part of our families and it’s important to keep their safety in mind, as well as the safety of your family. And once the weather cools, remember, your dog will need just as much water as he has needed during the heat of summer.¬†Enjoy the change of the season and embrace Fall!

If you find yourself too busy to take your dog on extra walks, give us a call at 1-321-794-4477 and we will be glad to walk your dog!

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