Make A Pledge To Walk Your Dog This Week

“A tired dog is a good dog, ” states National Walk Your Dog Week.

Many owners have taken a pledge this week to walk their dog every day this week. Whether or not a daily walk is already part of your routine, each week is a new opportunity to set a new dog walking goal.

According to the founder of National Walk Your Dog Week, 40 perfect of dogs in the United States are overweight. Just a 20-minute walk can make a huge difference in your dog’s life and also improve your health, too. In addition to helping your dog maintain a healthy weight, walking can release endorphins, lower blood pressure, and reduce troublesome behaviors.

woman walking dog on leash sitting down

Colleen Paige founded this week to improve overall dog wellbeing and hopefully reduce the numbers of dogs people take to shelters. Dogs crave mental and physical stimulation. If they remain cooped-up inside a house for too long without any opportunities to release energy, they become frustrated, hyper, and, oftentimes, destructive. If your dog experiences any of these problems, you may notice how daily walks lead to a significant improvement in your dog’s behavior.

Some dogs are more difficult to walk than others. For a smoother walk, try outfitting your pet in a different types of collar such as the Gentle Leader-style which guides your pet’s face or a harness. If your dog is friendly with other dogs, try walking it to the local dog park. Playing catch or running around with other dogs can be an efficient way to help your pet burn off some steam. Don’t forget that consulting with a dog trainer can also prove to be helpful for dogs who are especially dog-reactive or pull a lot.

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