How To Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With Your Pet

Earth Day’s 45 Anniversary just occurred this year on April 22nd. We love seeing how communities are rallying together this month to pick-up trash and spread awareness on preserving natural resources. But Earth Day efforts don’t have to end in April. Here are some simple ways you can carry on the spirit of Earth Day as a pet owner.

woman walking dog on bridge

Pick up pet waste. Although pet waste is technically a natural byproduct, it’s really best to properly discard it. Picking up your dog’s waste is the polite thing to do in public spaces. It’s also the environmentally friendly thing to do in your own yard. According to Andrea Donsky’s article in Treehugger, pet waste can carry illnesses like parvovirus and tapeworm that may infect other animals. This waste can also seep into our storm sewers carrying it directly into our local bodies of waters without being properly treated.

Consider eco-friendly pet waste bags. Also on the topic of pet waste disposal, consider purchasing biodegradable trash bags. Recycling plastic grocery bags from your last shopping trip is one way to use them again, but these bags take a long time to break down in the landfill. Some companies like BioBag create pet waste bags that decompose much more quickly than regular plastic bags.

Adopt a pet. Are you considering adding another pet to your family? What’s more eco-friendly than adopting a pet from a shelter? Popular pet breeds come and go, but there are always pets in local shelters waiting for their forever homes. Overcrowding is an unfortunate reality. Many of these pets are already potty trained and may even know a few tricks. They just need a family willing to give them a second chance. A good shelter will be knowledgable about helping you find a pet that’s a good fit.

Spay and neuter: A really simple way to prevent pet overpopulation is to spay or neuter your pet. According to this Pet Health Network article, approximately 8 million pets are euthanized each year. The Humane Society provides a tool for finding low cost neuter and spay services. They also created this list of national organizations that provide financial assistance for owners experiencing financial hardship with pets who may have illnesses such as cancer or need prescription medication.

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