Celebrating A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pet

Thanksgiving brings family and friends together over food and festivities. Just like any other celebration, our pets want to join in the fun, too. Holidays involve more food, guests, and activity than a typical day. Here are some easy ways to make your Thanksgiving happy and safe for your pet:

Save your turkey bones for soup stock. Turkey bones make a delicious stock, but are actually unsafe for your pet to chew on. Cooked turkey bones, especially, are brittle and splinter. If your dog chews on the bones consumes sharp pieces, they can injure its mouth and digestive tract. Many other cooked bones pose similar risks. Talk to your vet about safe chewing options.

Create a safe space for your pet. Depending on the temperament of your pet, company might cause stress. New guests and small children might pose an extra surprise to your pet. One option is to reserve a room in your house for your pet to retreat to when it needs a break. Let children know that your dog wants alone time if it goes to this space. Also, keep an eye on the door to make sure your pet doesn’t escape when a guest comes or goes. It’s also OK to confine your dog to this space for the entire gathering.

Watch the food. Keep any treats out of your pet’s reach. If your dog likes snuffling around the dinner table, watch for any turkey bones that may fall on the ground so that you can remove them quickly. A little boneless-skinless turkey can make a healthy treat.

Monitor decorations. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation mentioned one tip we didn’t consider. They suggest keeping holiday decorations in places your pet can’t access. Pets can tip lit candles may chew on unlit candles and pine cones which can cause stomach upset or injury.

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