Let’s Talk Immunization Awareness

August commemorates National Immunization Awareness Month for both people and pets.

The Center For Disease Control may have intended the month to focus on humans, but animal lovers have since embraced it, too. Pets need vaccinations just like people to prevent life threatening illnesses and infections.

First things first, find a good vet near you. He or she can guide you through vaccination recommendations and will know what’s best for your pet.

Dog and cat vaccines are divided into two categories: Core and non-core vaccines. The University of California – Davis Veterinarian Medicine Department describes how they recommend core vaccines for all dogs, even those with unknown vaccination histories, and non-core depending on the dog’s risk of contracting the disease.

Puppies and kitties have their own vaccination schedules. For example, the American Kennel Club recommends this schedule for a puppy’s first year. Vaccinations include bordatella, distemper, hepatitus, kennel cough, corna virus, heartworm, leptospirosis, lyme disease, parovirus, and rabies.

According to Pet MD, vaccines for kittens include feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia. Rabies vaccines may be administered between 8-12 weeks depending on the kitten.

Doggie Day care

Once dogs and cats grow into adulthood, they still need to receive vaccines. Several factors determine which ones your adult pet may need depending on the vaccine, your city’s laws, and lifestyle. For example, your city will determine how often your pet needs a rabies shot. Proof of the vaccination within a specific time frame is require for registration. 

If you board your dog or take he or she to a groomer for nail clipping, you might have to check on vaccinations for illnesses like kennel cough and DHLPP (distemper, heptatitus, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus. Your vet will know what’s best.

And many times animal shelters will offer a reduce vaccination rate for people who adopt pets. Don’t let the cost scare you away from adopting a new pet or taking care of your current one.

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