National Mutt Day Is July 31st

National Mutt Day is July 31st, are you ready to celebrate? If you own a mutt, we know you are blessed! We love all dogs, but mutts do hold a special place in our hearts. Often times mutts are the last to be adopted, as people often want “pure” breeds. We love shelter animals and love that we can give back through adoption of a shelter dog.


All dogs can make great companions and depending on how you raise your dog, you can have a great life long companion. A challenge with owning a mutt is that sometimes you may not know what breeds are a part of your dog’s genetic makeup. Certain breeds do have more medical issues than others and if you don’t know what breed your dog is, this can be challenging. When you own a purebred dog, the breeder can give you details as to the expected size, behavior and health of your dog.

Dog with sad eyes

Back to National Mutt Day! What is not to love about your mutt? They are cuddly, fun and often very playful. We love being able to go for extended walks with mutts, as we do with any breeds, but it’s fun to walk a mutt! They are often very playful and the fact that you may not know what breed they technically are. This, in itself, makes for great conversation when you are out walking your mutt.

National Mutt Day comes around one time a year, so why not embrace it this year and make special dog treats  for your dog? Make special time to play with your mutt and go an extra mile or two while out on one of your daily walks.

Should you find yourself out of town on National Mutt Day or any other day of the year, give us a call at 321-794-4477 and we will be happy to entertain your Mutt!

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