Keeping Your Dog Busy When The Weather’s Rough


Snowstorm or rain, there are just days that it’s hard to take your dog outside no matter where you live.

Dogs instinctively love to be outside. They feel stressed out when they can’t sniff around the grass or release energy through daily walks. Here are some ideas to help your pet burn off steam on those difficult weather days that make you want to run back inside:

Learn a new trick. A dog is never too old to learn a new trick. Try it and you might be pleasantly surprised! Dogs are intelligent animals that like to problem solve. Teaching a dog a new trick stimulates its mind and body. Small treats can serve as positive reinforcement. Be patient, though. Learning a new trick can take time. Your pet might not get it the first time around and that’s OK. When your pet acts exasperated, take a little break or try again tomorrow.

Winter chihuahua


Play some games. The instinct to play is natural to wild and domesticated canines alike. You know that friendly little pounce that your dog does when it’s in the mood to play? It’s actually called a play bow a dog uses to communicate a desire to play. If you are feeling silly, feel free to return the play bow. Games that you can play inside include hide and seek and fetch. You could also try hiding a treat or toy in the house for your dog to find or buying a interactive toy that distributes treats as your pet plays with it.

Bundle up. Depending on the severity of the weather, quick romps outside might do. Dog boots and jackets or sweaters are good investments if your weather’s often chilly. Boots especially protect your dog’s paws from injury. There are many types of boots to try if your dog won’t wear a particular one. Rewarding your dog with small treats as he or she is getting used to boots can also help make the process easier.

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