Keeping Your Pet’s Skin Healthy

Keeping your pet’s skin healthy can be a challenge. Dog and cat owners are all too familiar with the sound of their pets scratching. The reality is that it’s normal for your pet to itch and scratch on occasion, but if you find your pet itching themselves constantly injuring itself, you’ll need to consult your vet.

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Dry skin is a common affliction that causes dandruff and discomfort in humans and pets. If you live in a dryer climate, your pet may be prone to experiencing dandruff. Dry skin can also be exasperated by certain dry pet foods. Low quality kibbles often contain the minimal amount of healthy fats your dog needs to keep its skin clear. Dandruff can also be a sign your pet’s allergic to certain ingredients or suffers from dehydration.

In some cases, skin issues such as dandruff signifies a more serious illness like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or endocrine disorders.

Your pet’s bathing habits can help or hinder skin health. As we mentioned above, your pet needs those good oils to maintain healthy skin. Over-bathing and harsh detergents remove these helpful oils. When you look for a pet shampoo, look for a variety that’s soap-free or moisturizing and avoid using shampoos designed for humans.

It seems like human and pet shampoos should be interchangeable, but they are formulated differently for important reasons. Our skins require different pH balances meaning human shampoos would strip away our pets’ protective skin oils. Human skin is about three cellular layers thicker than a dog’s, causing their skin to be more sensitive than ours.

A third reason why your dog might scratch too much is because of pests like fleas, ear mites, or ticks. In short, consult a vet if you notice excess scratching or abnormal skin conditions.

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