Four Fun Ways To Participate In Dress Your Pet Day: January 14, 2017

National Dress Your Pet Day may come and go, but we believe every day should be a day to show off your pet. We have put together for fun ways for you to participate in this fun pet holiday.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day


Does your pet like to look tough? Of course he or she does. How about a pair of sunglasses, a top hat and maybe black ankle bracelets. Imagine how tough your pet would look in this attire?


Let’s face it our pets get cold when the temperature plummets, just like we humans do. So…. it’s time to find some slippers and maybe a scarf and/or ear muffs. Is your pet ready for the cooler weather? Your pet will love being pampered on National Dress Your Pet Day when their paws are warm! If you live in an area where salt is applied, your pet will thank you for the added protection from the elements.


A little fluff when it comes to dress on Dress Your Pet Day. How about a scarf loaded with glitter and color? Your Pomeranian or calico cat will appreciate the extra attention.


January is the season of football playoffs. So, why not dress your pet in your favorite NFL team jersey? From the Miami Dolphins to the Green Bay Packers, there’s a team that would love to be shown off around town with your furry friend. A team hat will complete the outfit on Dress Your Pet Day 2017.

Anytime we can show off our furry friends, life is just a little bit better. We would love to encourage you to participate in National Dress Your Pet Day anytime of year. There’s something special about changing things up when it comes to our pets. Anytime our pets can get a little extra tlc, they appreciate it.

If you need someone to keep an eye on your pet while you are preoccupied, give us a call at 321-794-4477 and we will be happy to help.




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