Is a Savannah Cat Right For Your Home?

Savannah cats are an animal guaranteed to add excitement to your home. If you have ever been to a zoo, you are familiar with the various large cats that call the zoo their home. These amazing creatures are often larger than life and have many distinguishing features which help them survive in the wild. What if you could have your very own wild cat in your home? Well, you can! Just not quite the same ones that the zoo has to offer.

They come in the form of a Savannah cat. The Savannah is a hybrid cross between a medium sized African wild cat “Serval” and a domestic cat. They are the largest cat breed, and are known for their beautiful exotic markings. They can reach between 14-17 inches tall.

Savannah cat

If you are considering a Savannah cat in your home, keep in mind that these cats have the temperament similar to a dog. They love to follow their owners around the house, and can be trained to fetch, walk on a leash and play ball. This is not your average house cat, that you would be dealing with. Savannah cats have an incredible ability to jump and leap, and have been known to leap as high as eight feet. With these cats, keeping things out of reach is a must. Most cats do not enjoy water, but Savannah cats like to go against the norm, as they embrace water. When is the last time you had a cat that enjoyed water?

Lineage, generation, and socialization all come into play when factoring the behavior of these cats. Should you decide to take the plunge by investing in a Savannah cat, be sure to check with your state and local laws. These cats are not cheap, as they are an investment. They start out at $1,500 and can go as high as $10,000.

Exotic, fun and interesting would define life with a Savannah Cat!

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