Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

As your resource for pet boarding in Melbourne, FL we hope that you and your furry family members are enjoying a wonderful holiday season. As fellow pet lovers, we would like to share several reminders to help keep your pet safe over the next few weeks of seasonal cheer.

The holidays often mean days and nights filled with extravagant decorations and fancy feasts, which while fun and beautiful, can be extremely dangerous to your pets. The ASPCA shared several areas of interest to focus on in the next several weeks to ensure the safety of your pet:

  • Secure your tree so that it cannot fall or spill harmful water.
  • Keep the tinsel at the store, especially for houses with cats.
  • Don’t share your holiday treats like alcohol, chocolate, or candy with xylitol.
  • Sorry, but no mistletoe. Mistletoe is known to cause illness in pets when ingested.
  • Keep wires tucked away.

At In Home Pet Sitters we truly hope you enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season with your loved ones.

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