Rainbow Bridge Pet Remembrance Day

The hardest thing about owning a pet is saying goodbye.

They become part of our family and an integral part of our lives. Coping with the loss of a beloved pet is hard for everyone. It’s OK to feel as sad as you would if you lost a best friend or family member. After all, they are both of these to us, too.

Each year on August 28th, Rainbow Bridge commemorates August 28th as a pet remembrance day. Author Deborah Barnes created Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day after publishing two books about losing her cat Mr. Jazz. The response from readers who could identify with her loss was so great, that she created this annual holiday.

Smiling teenage girl loving her cat at home

Rainbow Bridge’s name comes from a poem that describes a pet heaven called Rainbow bridge. It’s fitting with the organization’s mission to offer pet owners comfort and support when they lose a pet.

Rainbow Bridge also offers many pet loss grief resources. The organization invites visitors to post online memorials to their beloved pets on their Facebook page. These pet memorial are also posted on their website.

For those who want to honor their pets outside of August 28th, Rainbow Bridge facilitates a Monday Night Candle Ceremony Services on a weekly basis. You can add your pet’s name to their tribute lists here. A moderator guides participants through the online ceremony via chatroom.

Other Rainbow Bridge features include a page to share poems stories about your pet, directory of pet loss grief hotlines, ideas of ways to create memorials to your pet, and a special page dedicated to supporting owners with pets who have cancer.

Whether you honor your pet on this Pet Remembrance Day or any other, remember that you are not alone!

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