Tips For A Pet Friendly Road Trip

Dog in Driver's Seat

Your road trip with your pet just got easier. School’s out for the summer and many of our families are road tripping to warmer or cooler locations. For those who own pets, finding lodging can be challenging. At In Home Pet Sitters, we take pride in providing cage-free boarding options, but understand how this isn’t always possible. Sometimes owners must travel with their pets. Roadtripping with a dog or cat means you’ll have to take some different factors into account, but your trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Here’s what we recommend to our clients:

Pet Friendly Lodging: These days, it’s easier than ever to find hotels that welcome pets. There are many online resources to help you find pet friendly lodging such as Pet Friendly Hotels and Bring Fido. These two online directories are searchable by location and clearly list the hotel’s pet policies. The Marriott hotel company even has it’s own website dedicated to helping you find a pet-friendly hotel.

Take care in understanding the hotel’s pet policy. Typically, the hotel will explain if it enforces any weight restrictions or collects deposits which may or may not be refundable. Some even provide water bowls and beds. Hotel pet policies may require that you do not leave your pet unattended so make sure you understand all of these details before booking so you can be as stress-free as possible.

Paw Rescue offers a list of suggestions to consider when you book pet friendly lodging. This is especially helpful for those who have never stayed in hotel with a pet. For example, author Robin Tierney advises travelers to bring extra sheets or blankets to prevent damage to furniture. If your hotel does allow you to leave your pet unattended, Tierney suggests bringing your pet’s crate so that it can have a comfortable and secure space while you go out to dinner.

We hope you enjoy your next summer vacation. For more information on care safety for dogs, check out our recent post. If you need help caring for your pet during your next work trip or vacation, call us at 321-794-4477 or send an email for more information.

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