How To Entertain Your Dog On A Rainy Day

Entertaining your dog on a rainy day can make for a memorable experience. Who says you can’t have fun with Fido when the rain is pouring. Here are a few ideas to make the most of a rainy day with your dog.

Pomeranian doing trick for treat, outside


Hold a Grooming Session

Maybe you have not given your dog a bath in a while. Why not toss him in the shower and scrub him down? A good rub down with a towel and you will be ready to move onto the next activity.

Play Fetch

I have never met a dog that did not like to run around like crazy after a good rub down with a towel. This is the ideal time to grab a tennis ball and play fetch with your dog. Toss the ball and your dog will hopefully bring the ball back to you. And if by chance the ball lands under the furniture, who cares? It’s raining outside and you have lots of time to find it!

Selfie Time

How about a few selfie photos of your dog? With social media, you can take several selfies of your beloved Fido and share him with the world. Why not make the most out of a rainy day by breaking out the selfie stick and your smart phone by taking a few pics or video of Fido? After all, we all know that a photo of a dog deserves at least 25 likes, right?

New Tricks

Does your dog do any tricks? If not, why not make the most out of a rainy day and teach him a new trick? Round up a dog treat and work on teaching him how to roll over or maybe speak. With a little patience, you may be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn a new trick.

A little rain can be very rewarding when it comes to you and your pet. Make the most of a rainy day by spending time with your pet. From grooming him to playing fetch and maybe taking a few selfies while learning new tricks- your day will be perfect in every way.

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