Four Ways To Bond With Your Cat Every Single Day

Bonding with your cat may seem impossible on day one of cat ownership. Once you develop a relationship with your cat, things will change quickly. Here are four ways that you can bond with your cat every single day.


Personality matters when it comes to cat ownership. Some cats are more outgoing than others. It’s important to give your cat space when they want it. When they come out for affection, be sure to pay attention to them. Some cats are very playful and want to play more than others. Again, pay attention to your cat. When you learn the personality of your cat, you will bond on a daily basis.

cat and dog bond


When you feed your cat on a regular schedule, your cat will quickly learn when feeding time comes around. This is your opportunity to talk to your cat and it won’t take long for your cat to warm up to you and know how important you are at this time of day.


Cats all have different energy levels, just as humans. If you have a playful cat, embrace it! Make time each day to play with your cat. Your cat will let you know when they are ready to play. Make sure you are ready with a few cat toys on hand and be ready to smile!


Cats enjoy close quarters. Yes, this includes a small home within a home. Invest in a small home where your cat can crawl in at their convenience. Cats love the closeness of this space and you will quickly find your cat very content. They also love to hide in interesting spots. If you can’t find your cat, do not get upset with them, as this is part of who they are.

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