How To Help Stray Cats Over The Holidays

The holidays tend to bring out the good in people. Often times this includes giving a little too much. Cat lovers often see  stray cats and immediately want to take it home. In all reality, cats need a home, but it’s not necessarily your home. Here are some ways that you can help a stray cat this holiday season.

A simple way to help stray cats is to donate money or your time to a spay/neuter clinic in your area. Your veterinarian may direct you as to where you may volunteer or send your funds. This helps control unwanted cats in neighborhoods and cities, yet it offers a healthier life for the stray cats in your area.

Orange Cat

When you see a stray cat that appears approachable, you may want to try to catch it and transport it to your local Humane Society. Here the cat may be reunited with its family or the identity of a stray cat can be confirmed. Often times stray cats are adopted and make for great pets in a loving home.

An easy way to help stray cats in your community is to donate food to your local Humane Society and/or volunteer your time. Cats have cages that need to be cleaned. We all know that many cats are adventurous and long for company. Spend 15-20 minutes playing with a cat that resides at the Humane Society. This doesn’t mean you will adopt the cat, it means that you are helping to make the cat’s stay at the shelter a happier stay.

Most importantly if you ever question the health of a stray cat, call animal control. They have trained individuals to capture and deliver stray cats to your local animal shelters. Don’t be the hero and end up with scratches and bites that you did not want.

Most importantly, know that you are doing good in your community when you take time to invest in stray cats. Doing good and giving back always feels good. Go forth and make the end of this year a great one and welcome in the new year with a hand ready to help in your community.


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