Pets Stress During Holidays Too!

At In-Home Pet Sitters, we’re your resource for pet sitting and in-home pet boarding in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and all of Brevard county. We love our pet families and we want to make sure you’re having a stress-free, relaxing holiday season. But keep in mind that pets feel the stress of the holidays too!

Extra shopping time away from the house, extra stress as you prep for the holidays, unknown guests stopping in for parties or holiday visits, and maybe even the pet parent going out of town? Add in the extra food and treats hand-delivered by friends and visitors, and you’ve got a lot of chaos and irregularity in your pet’s happy home!

Pets are forgiving, though. Their stress is cured with some extra snuggle, some play time, and maybe even a few extra walks in the cooler weather. And that’s where we come in!

If your pet could use some extra attention or a little more lovin’ this holiday season, give us a call. We’ll help you rest easy knowing your pet family members are enjoying the holiday season along with you!

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