Tips For Tidying Up Around Your Cats

Tidying up around your cats does not have to be difficult. Cats have been know for centuries as great companions to us humans. They are also well known for their keen ability to keep themselves tidy with daily grooming sessions. Although cats themselves tend to stay clean, they do tend to create messes around them. The two major areas where this mess can become a problem is the litter box, and feeding areas. Cats tend to kick up cat litter, and cat food throughout the home so these areas require special cleaning attention.

Does your cat have a favorite spot to perch? A cat blanket is a great way to keep your furniture free of cat fur, and cats love to snuggle up to a nice blanket! It will be so much easier to throw a blanket in the washing machine than to constantly vacuum your furniture! Put the blanket in the dryer with a dryer sheet before washing to reduce wear and tear on your washing machine.

Orange Cat

And then there is the food/water area. Cats tend to play with their food and water on an occasional basis. Therefore, it’s important to place a mat of some sort underneath┬átheir feeding station. For food, keep a small hand held vacuum cleaner nearby. Cats will often drop food here and there and a small vacuum cleaner will keep things tidy.

Tidying things up around your cats should be something that goes with the territory of owning a cat. Keep a floor mat around, a good grooming brush and a small handled vacuum cleaner nearby to make life easier for you and your cat. Tidying up around your cats can be as fun as you make it.

It can be easy to put off doing chores around the house, but we hope these tips will come in handy for you and your cat!

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