Tips For Visiting Your Local Dog Park

Visiting your local dog park with Fido in tow can prove to be a very rewarding or challenging event. We’d like to think that you will have a rewarding experience, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your local dog park.

Here in Brevard County, Canova Beach Park is home to Brevard County’s only dog-friendly beach. ┬áTaking your dog to a beach and dog park are two very similar experiences, as you must have control over your dog. Make a note: Dogs must be leashed on the beach.

Wickham Dog Park is located at 2500 Pkwy Drive in Melbourne and offers an area for your dog to be free of his/her leash. As always, make sure you have your dog under control, or you will not have a pleasant experience.

beautiful woman and his dogs posing outside



Take advantage of the opportunity that many dog parks offer when it comes to agility and your dog. If there are not many other dogs around, you may be able to train your dog to jump over a barrel or do a “trick” that you’d like to teach him/her. Often times being in an outdoor setting with a little freedom can help both of you find a new activity.

Social Perks

Dog parks are not only a great place for “Fido” to meet fellow dogs, but a place for you to meet new people as well. Where else can you find someone that has the same passions as you? Chances are, if they are in a dog park, they love dogs! Slowly introduce your dog to other dogs. If you are unsure as to how your dog will react to other dogs, go at a slower time at the dog park. Dog parks are the ideal place to let your dog run. Remove your dogs leash, but make sure your dog understands that you are in charge, not him/her.

Have Fun

Most importantly remember to have fun at your local dog park. If you don’t enjoy the dog park, it makes no sense to take Fido their either. Don’t give up, patience will pay off! A little exercise with social perks, simply = FUN!

We’d love to hear about your experience at your local dog park. Do you and your dog enjoy yourselves and how often do you go visit?

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