February Is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month.What does being a responsible pet owner entail? Providing shelter, food, and water are the basics for all pet owners. It can be an exciting time in your life when deciding on a new pet, but being a responsible pet owner means knowing what’s best for your pet.

A pet may sound ideal at the moment, but you are making a commitment to that animal to be there for it regardless of life events that may arise.  You get a new job, you get married, you buy a house, are any of these going to affect your ability to care for your new pet? A great question to ask yourself would be “Why do I want a pet?” Is it a necessary addition to your life? Pet ownership is not cheap either once veterinary care comes into play. Be sure that you are financially stable enough to invite a new family member into your home.

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Make sure your pet fits the space you have provided it with.  An overly energetic dog in a small apartment is probably not going to work out, in this case perhaps a cat would be better suited. Are you ready to tackle the extra cleaning around the house that a pet brings? Your vacuum will be getting a steady workout depending which breed dog or cat your choose. All hazardous chemicals need to be in a secluded location not accessible to pets.

Bringing a new pet into your home is such a great time of joy! Unfortunately folks often think, “It’s just a pet.” Well, if that’s how pet ownership is looked at, you can expect challenges. If you can handle all the prerequisites, pet ownership is sure to be a great experience, and a rewarding one at that. Those dog walks will be a joy and those cat cuddles will bring smiles to everyone. We hope that by asking yourself some of these questions, you will know if you are in fact ready to be a responsible pet owner.

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