Your Cat And Their Toys

Cats enjoy playing with all types of toys. If you own a cat, you know that they will often embrace any toy that you send their way. Here are a list of cat toys that we have found to be favorites.


Homemade cat toys are fun, pure and simple fun. If you are a crafter, chances are that you have a lot of items laying around the house. If you have a ball of string, imagine the fun your cat will have with that when you toss it their way. If you have a sheet of paper, why not roll it up and toss it around with your cat. Do you see how inexpensive this is? Yes, you can round up inexpensive cat toys and create hours of fun for everyone in your household.

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A cat tower with carpet is always a win/win. What cat doesn’t love to dig their claws and climb around a little tower? Another popular simple toy is a ball with a few bells on it. Cats of all ages will enjoy this simple toy.


Many people do have challenges with critters in their home. Why not introduce your cat to a toy mouse, in hopes that they will learn how to catch a real one? There are a variety of mice in the marketplace for your cat. Let’s face it, cats love to watch critters run and they are not afraid to reach out with their paws and grab them.

Do you see how simple your cats toys can be? There is a misconception that toys have to be expensive, which they can be. But in all reality, your cat will appreciate YOU! When is the last time you sat down and gave all of your attention to your cat?

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