Tips For Walking Your Cat

Walking your cat can be a challenge and we have put together some tips so you can accomplish this task. Let’s face it, many cats don’t want to be on a leash. As with any pet, you can train them to walk with you. Here are our best tips when it comes to walking your cat.

Purchase A Harness and Leash

Makes sure you purchase a harness and leash designed for cats. Often times cat owners make the mistake of purchasing these items for a dog. Place the harness and leash on your cat while in the house for practice. This way you will not have to worry about your cat running away.

Orange Cat


Practice makes perfect! By practicing around the house, your cat will be ready to hit the pavement with you outdoors. If your cat does not adjust well to the harness and leash, your cat may not be trainable. Make sure your cat associates the harness and leash with a positive experience. Have treats nearby and be ready to offer head scratches.

Walk In Quiet Area

Walk your cat in quiet areas. Your cat will lead the way, the leash gives you the ability to tag along. Your cat will lead you where they want to go. Now, use some common sense. Cats should not be allowed to dart into traffic and high traffic areas, which may include high foot traffic areas.

Some cats are not outdoor cats. If your cat adjusts well to the harness and leash, there’s a good possibility that your cat will adapt well. Your daily outdoor walks can be enjoyed with your feline friend, and give both of you new experiences to share together. What are you waiting for? Invest in a cat harness and leash, practice and find the quiet in your neighborhood. Walking your cat may be just what you both have been missing!

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