How To Choose A Name For Your Dog

Choosing a name for your dog should be fun, simple and something you want to talk about. It’s not up to someone else to name your dog, but it is a great conversational piece.


Shorter names are often easier to say, therefore; you are less likely to confuse your dog with a command. When you name your dog a long, drawn-out name it can become confusing for your dog when you are working on training. And this appears to be true, as some of the top names of dogs in our country today include Ace, Jake, Scout, Sam, Bailey, Bella, Lola, Piper, and Cocoa. Make note that these names are short, sweet and to the point.

Beagle dog laying on the couch


If you are truly stuck on what to name your dog, remember there is nothing wrong with a month or season. Try saying these names out loud and we believe you will find a name that fits your dog. December, August, Summer, Winter, Spring and even September. It’s true, as there is a name for every dog out there.


Let’s face it, when it comes to naming your dog, it’s up to you and nobody else. Your dog is your dog and deserves the special name that you give it. If you have a new puppy and it appears lazy, why not name it Lazy? That may be what makes your puppy special, as we do not know of many lazy puppies in the world. Maybe your dog is full of spunk and never quiets down. Spunky may be the ideal for your dog. In a short period of time, you will fall in love with your dog and choose the name that best fits the love that your dog shares through their deep-set eyes.

Naming your dog can be one of the best days with your pet, so try not to stress over it and name your dog what makes your family smile.

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