30 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Dogs are a large part of our households. We have put together 30 fun things to do with your dog. We’d love to know if you have done any of these things with your dog.

Pet Taxi

  1. Go for a walk together.
  2. Go for a drive on the beach and let your dog take it all in.
  3. Road trip across the country together
  4. Go shopping~ There are several pet-friendly stores to visit
  5. Teach your dog a new trick
  6. Play together in freshly raked leaves
  7. Relax on the beach and listen to the waves
  8. Sit under a shade tree and “talk” about your next adventure together
  9. Kick your walk up and run
  10. Take dog training classes together
  11. Read to your dog, we are convinced that all dogs love a good story
  12. Go visit Grandma’s house
  13. If you live in the north country, play in the snow
  14. If you live in the south, play on the beach
  15. Teach your dog a new trick or two
  16. Go on a picnic together and pack homemade dog treats in your picnic basket
  17. Make an appointment at the groomer for your dog
  18. Take your dog to the vet for a good old-fashioned teeth cleaning
  19. Grab a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop and hang out near a stream
  20. Play frisbee
  21. Blow bubbles and let your dog chase all of them
  22. Play ball
  23. Enjoy an ice cream cone at the local ice cream shop
  24. Go on a bike ride together. (Smaller dogs love riding in baskets
  25. Beach lovers, let your dog splash along the shoreline
  26. Groom your dog. Don’t most dogs enjoy a good brushing
  27. Celebrate your dog, every day- throw a party
  28. Sing to your dog
  29. Take photos of your dog and share them on Instagram.

There you have it, 30 fun things to do with your dog. There should be no boredom at your home with your dog!

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